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Stella River Mouth Nature Reserve: how to get there and what to see

The Foci dello Stella Nature Reserve, located in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia, is a fascinating corner of biodiversity where the Stella River flows into the Marano Lagoon, creating a unique environment of brackish wetlands.

The area, spread over more than 1377 hectares, presents a variety of natural environments, ideal for birdwatching and relaxing walks in the countryside.

At the centre of the reserve is a lush reed thicket, criss-crossed by a labyrinth of canals that meander down to the lagoon. These reed beds, once widespread but now rare and precious, are one of the gems of the Foce.

The reserve is also famous for its conservation practices and the many activities and experiences it promotes, making it an ideal destination for family outings. Guided hikes, educational trails and cycling paths are just some of the proposals that make a visit both educational and fun.

In this article, we will take you on a discovery of all that the Stella River Mouth Nature Reserve has to offer!

How do you get to the Stella River Mouth Reserve?

Reaching the Foci dello Stella Nature Reserve is an adventure in itself: the site is mainly accessible by sea, with boat trips departing from nearby locations such as Lignano Sabbiadoro and Marano Lagunare.

For those arriving from further afield, the cities of Venice and Trieste offer excellent road and rail connections to the boat excursion departure points.

What to see and what activities to do in the Reserve

In the heart of the Stella River Mouth Nature Reserve, you can explore a number of fascinating places, including the 'fishermen's village' huts. These huts, once used as shelter for hunters and fishermen, form a quaint little village. Built of reed and wood, they had a hearth in the centre and were furnished with the bare minimum for survival. During your visit, pay attention to the orientation of the huts: you will find that they all face west, the side that offers the most shelter from the cold bora and tramontana winds.

The tradition of fishing is still alive within the Reserve: along your excursion, in fact, you will find the Bilancia di Bepi (Bepi's Scales), an ancient balance still in operation. Today it is an unmissable stop for those who want to see the traditional art of fishing up close and enjoy a delicious 'frittolin' with freshly caught fish.

Although fishermen no longer inhabit the Foce dello Stella area, today the place is far from deserted. The reserve is the habitat of numerous bird species, both resident and migratory. Among the nesting birds, you can observe the red heron and the marsh harrier, which finds one of the highest concentrations nationwide here. There is also no shortage of passerine birds, such as the little reed warbler, great reed warbler and reed warbler.

For those seeking more dynamic activities, the reserve offers the opportunity to venture out on canoe, kayak or SUP excursions along the tranquil waterways, exploring the local flora and fauna up close. In addition, guided motorboat excursions are available to discover and better understand the biodiversity of the area.

For families, the reserve is equipped with rest stops and children's playgrounds, making the day relaxing and fun for all.

Are you looking for more adventures?

The Garden Paradiso Camping Village is the perfect base for lovers of hiking and outdoor adventures. Located an hour's drive from the reserve, as well as from the Vallevecchia Oasis and the islands of the Venice Lagoon, the Garden Paradiso is the ideal place to explore the area and relax after days full of activity. Its strategic location makes it an optimal starting point to visit all these natural wonders and enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

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