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Campsite Regulations

The management of Garden Paradiso Campsite recommends that its guests observe the following rules in order to ensure a quiet and comfortable stay. These rules of conduct cancel and replace the previous rules of conduct.


1. For entering and staying at the campsite, each guest must register with their own identity document (including children), the group leader is required to deposit an identity document, to check the accuracy of the registrations and to promptly notify any discrepancy or variation. Each individual guest will be given a wristband and an identification camping-pass to be displayed at the request of the surveillance staff. Both must be returned upon departure. The minimum stay is 7 days in high season. Pets are not allowed.

2. Visits by relatives and friends must be agreed with the Management. Admitted persons are required to deposit an identification document at the entrance. If the stay at the campsite exceeds 60 minutes, the price list rate will be applied for each person. Visits are not allowed on Saturdays, Sundays and other public holidays. Visits are never allowed during quiet hours.

3. The pitch in the free area can be chosen by the guest subject to acceptance. Occupancy with only one overnight accommodation per crew per pitch is allowed. Each crew must keep free the space for parking their vehicles on the pitch. Additional equipment can only be installed after checking the availability of space for the car. If during the stay you want to change pitch, you must notify the Management before moving.

4. A final cleaning fee is also charged for the accommodation units. The Guest upon departure is asked to dispose of rubbish, leave the rooms and furniture tidy, dishes washed and cooktop tidy, refrigerator empty, clean, and defrosted, microwave clean, collect bed linen (and towels if present) so that they are left ready for collection. If the accommodation is not left in the same condition in which it was received, an additional amount will be deducted from the deposit.

5. The days of your stay are counted according to the number of nights. Departures must take place before 11.00a.m. for the pitches and before 10.00a.m. for the housing units; once this time has passed, an additional day of stay will be counted. The payment of the stay can also be made two days before departure. From 1st April to 30th September, every guest is required to pay the tourist tax without distinction of age. Right DCC no. 15 of 19/03/2012.

6. The deposit shall be withheld from any guest who renounces the reservation without minimum notice of 45 days. Late arrival of 24 hours is allowed. Guests who leave early will still be charged for all the days of their booking.

7. Minors must be accompanied by parents or persons of legal age who will be responsible and guarantors towards the Management.

8. Guests may only use motor vehicles to enter and leave the campsite during the permitted hours, never only for journeys within the campsite. The maximum speed allowed is 10 km/hour.

9. From 11p.m. to 7.30a.m. and from 1p.m. to 3p.m., the utmost silence is required. In particular, the following are not allowed:

  • the entry and exit of motor vehicles and internal traffic, including bicycles; 
  • the circulation of scooters;
  • the use of sports and leisure facilities and equipment.

It is recommended to always avoid shouting and the use of noisy equipment that may cause disturbance to guests and to keep an acceptable volume of televisions and radios.

10. The use of the swimming pool is regulated by the following rules:

  • keep to the times indicated;
  • take a shower and use the washbasins before entering the water;
  • diving is prohibited;
  • eating by the pool is prohibited;
  • running in the pool area is prohibited.
  • walking without slippers is prohibited;
  • apnea swimming practices are prohibited.

Children under 4 years of age must wear a protective bathing suit or water-resistant nappies (available for sale within the Bazaar). The Management reserves the right, in order to guarantee the quality of the service provided and to comply with the legislation in force, to close the pools for reasons of hygiene and/or extraordinary maintenance without this giving rise to compensation rights.

11. The beach is supervised by the camp's lifeguards at the times required by law. The use of windsurfing and boats in general is allowed only in the area indicated by the signs. It is prohibited to enter the water with the red flag displayed, and in any case always from 7.00 in the evening to 09.30 in the morning it is forbidden to pass the sea groynes and approach the rocks (limits indicated by the white and red poles). Diving, underwater fishing and line fishing within 500 metres from the shore.

12. While ensuring the continuous surveillance of the campsite, the Management does not assume any responsibility for the loss of values and/or personal items. At the information office, there are safe deposit boxes (covered by insurance) where each guest can deposit money, valuables, documents, etc.

13. Any messages to guests shall be delivered directly to/from the property. For the management of any emergencies, we ask the guest to register their mobile at the reception. Guests are kindly requested to pick up their correspondence at the Information Office. After five days of storage, the post will be sent back to the sender.

14. The campsite uses electricity at 220Volt 50 Hz. Field power outlets are set at around 1,200 watts. Any attempt to use higher power equipment, such as stoves, heaters, air conditioners, damages the circuit breaker. It is forbidden to connect any non-compliant appliance/equipment to the electricity network, with sockets and cables that are not in perfect condition or with a power higher than that permitted. We ask you to promptly report to the Management any problems in the use of the electrical system. It is forbidden to lay electric cables longer than 30 metres, cross the roads with electric cables and place cables on the vegetation. In case of violation of the previous paragraph, the staff of the accommodation facility is expressly authorised to immediately detach any cable and/or other instrument without prior notice. The same permission is granted in case of electrical connections which do not comply with current legislation.

15. The use of 'grills' is allowed only in such conditions and in such a way as not to constitute a hazard or disturbance. However, it is absolutely prohibited to use open flames, both inside the campsite and on the beach. It is also prohibited to hold any type of fuel or flammable substance, with the only exception of a "camping gaz" type gas cylinder (gas mixture for camping compliant with current regulations) max 5 kg., the use of domestic type cylinders being extremely dangerous. It is forbidden to smoke, use candles, (open flames) or cook inside the tents. It is forbidden to tie ropes, cables, iron wires, hammocks to the trees and/or install anything else that could be dangerous or obstruct free traffic.

16. We warn the kind guests that our structure being inserted in an environmental context of respect, (Venetian lagoon) any intervention that we do takes into great consideration the environment, therefore measures taken against mosquitoes should also be carried out in the least impactful way possible for the environment, the campsite regularly carries out measures against the larval state, also special attention has been applied to facilitate the allocation of swallows and bats c/o the campsite, as these are natural predators of mosquitoes. For special cases, "tiger mosquito" treatments are carried out in a localised way with selected products exclusively at the request of the guests (request to be made to the information office).

17. CAR WASHING: the washing of cars and any other means or equipment is allowed only in the appropriate pitch at the outdoor car park from 07.00a.m. to 1.00p.m. and from 3.00p.m. to 8.00p.m. with products and detergents that meet the legal requirements (we recommend a moderate use of chemicals). It is absolutely forbidden to wash any vehicle or equipment in the open with chemical products.

18. It is forbidden to smoke in any closed offices, bathrooms, shops, bar, restaurant etc. We also ask that you do not smoke in the presence of children and women in evident vulnerable conditions even if in outdoor places both in the campsite and on the beach (avenues, sports and play areas, arena shows, beach, etc...).

19. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: In the event of an emergency situation (fire, malaise, injury, etc.) immediately notify the campsite staff in the immediate vicinity who will contact the central office and/or management, which will be activated according to the procedures defined by the campsite. Responsibility for activating external assistance lies with the Reception, which can be contacted directly or by calling 0039 041 968075. If it is necessary to evacuate or move away from certain areas / zones, we ask you to follow the instructions given by the staff in charge, who will take you to the indicated meeting points, if necessary, see the map of the campsite.

20. The campsite functions as all activities and families are required to respect separate waste collection, therefore:

  • the abandonment of any waste is prohibited, we ask for a correct distribution of the same and the correct use of the ecological islands. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns on the subject, please contact the information office.
  • We call for responsible use of water, avoiding waste. Wash dishes and anything else in the designated areas.
  • Do not spill products, water used for food preparation, oils, salt, etc. on the ground or in street wells. In the event of accidental spillage, contact the campsite staff or the information office immediately. 

21. The use (by guests) of drones of any kind is prohibited in any area of the Camping Village.

22. These regulations, posted both at the entrance and inside the campsite, are delivered to the guest upon arrival; entry to the campsite therefore constitutes full acceptance.

23. The Management reserves the right to amend this regulation if necessary.

The Management reserves the right of admission and retention.

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