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What to do in Jesolo

Jesolo: where it is, how to reach it and what to do in town or in the surroundings.

Jesolo is a coastline town situated along the Venetian coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Framed by the river Sile and Piave, its beach stretches for 15 km, from west to east, from Old Piave mouth to Cortellazzo. The beach (since 16 years Blue Flag thanks to clear water, as Cavallino) is also known as Jesolo Lighthouse and it is so called thanks to a lonely lighthouse which stands on the opposite side.

Jesolo is reachable by car or by train getting off in Mestre or San Donà di Piave and catching a bus. Bus Express service is available from all Venetian airports directly to the town. The area of Jesolo is right on Cavallino-Treporti border and it is easy to get there also by bike from Garden Paradiso, also during the evening, thanks to the brand-new enlightened cycle bath.

What to visit in Jesolo.

Jesolo is a lively town all year long, worth places to visit are for sure the squares: the central one is 5 minutes away from the beach, it is always bright and full of cozy coffee shops where to pop down and drink something in the morning or after lunch. Take a walk along the pedestrian paths in the afternoon smelling the flowers and the plant scent of Casa Bianca square park until Bafile shopping lane, with all its shops, which are always open from the morning till the late evening during the high season, the right way to hang around and window shopping. Around appetizer time, starting from 19:00, just swing-by Brescia square, where antiques markets take place, a meeting place for all antique trade lovers.

It’s dinner time: where to eat? Jesolo is full of typical restaurants where to enjoy a good meal at a fair price tasting local dishes, like as fish or inland vegetables: just let you inspire by the menu displayed along the streets. 
No worries for your nightlife: there are a lot of night clubs as well as pubs to spend your evening. If you prefer a confidential solution then the Ferris wheel is your tramp card: just enjoy your air-conditioned cabin gazing the coastline view “al fresco”, also during the summer. 
The Ferris wheel makes three tours and it is open until late, for a romantic evening ending overlooking the city lights.

What to do in Jesolo if it is raining? In case of bad weather it is however possible to enjoy a pleasant afternoon together with your family: make a visit to the Sea Life Acquarium or to the Tropicarium Park, where to admire a lot of exotic fish types, to meet a shark a few inches away, to pet a starfish or to glimpse the “Murena Funebris”, a green and yellow eel species, pretty discreet, which gets out normally in the night.

Moreover, you can visit the Historical Military Museum Vidotto, which hosts a family military collection, dated from the First World War until nowadays, stored with passion from generation to generation. Among the strange memorabilia, a tank parked in the museum garden!

What to see in Jesolo: the Eastern Venice nature.

Jesolo landscape is the result of the centuries-old match between human activities and nature: in ancient times it was divided by the beach coast and the internal swamps from impressive dunes, some of which still exist in Cortellazzo; over a period of time a lot of them have been smoothed, cleared and used as crops, which nowadays feature the skyline, together with woods and pinewood.

Ecosystem lagoon is an extraordinary place for environmental tourism lovers: it hosts flora and wild fauna and it is easily walkable over land, by foot, by bike or by river along the canoe itinerary, kayak or by an historical boat.
Overhead the river perspective you will catch all the beauty speech between water and rocky “tegnùe” (stony foundations typically found in the sea beds).
Cycle paths follow the ancient trade ways, like the Venetian Coastal, which wind alongside the beach and enters in the hinterland across the river Sile, Piave, Livenza and Tagliamento. You can choose between several routes which cross the vineyard areas and which once supplied the Serenissima Republic.

You can rent bikes right at the entrance of Garden Paradiso and leave every day on an adventure.

Book your holiday in Garden Paradiso and explore Jesolo land.


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