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Saseny park wodny
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Basen wewnętrzny

Indoor warm pool: the ideal place for all seasons


In Garden Paradiso you can bath and play with your children, also if it is raining or away from the strong sun: our indoor warm pool will pamper you in the autumn, in the spring and in the summer.

Inside there are two areas: the Spray Park, for babies and for young children and the wave pool, for the little older, both heated if necessary, safely and funny equipped.

Wearing a swimming cap is compulsory.

The playground area: Spray Park for babies and waves for the little older

The playground area is kids designed and tailor-made.
In the newborns and babies area the water is very low (20 cm) and the temperature can change according to the climate until a maximum temperature of 28°C.  The ground is covered by a shock-proof rubber surface, in order to have fun with no worries.
A lot of colorful spraying games raise from the water: this is the “settlement” of the spray park, among which a little orange bike, a two-seater swing, a green frog, a long blue snake painted by a foreigner artist and two big wheels to walk under enjoying a spray interweaving.
In the little older area, the shelf shape pool is equipped with an artificial waves generator: kids can chase them, run through or being flooded by, like in the sea. And you can easily watch them just lying on the sun chair, like on the beach.

On the ground floor lockers, changing-rooms, showers and bathrooms

All access to the swimming pools are barrier-free 
On the -1 floor of the covered pool: lockers, changing-rooms, showers and bathrooms with changing tables.
A wide lift is available to get to the pool, it is suitable for strollers and wheel chairs, moreover there is a patch connecting the outdoor pools to those indoor.

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