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07 August 2020

Cycling routes in Cavallino Treporti

All the beauty of a holiday on the beach…on two wheels!

It is a common belief that a holiday on the beach is just bathing on the Adriatic Sea, sand castles and spending days sunbathing and getting the long-awaited tan. How about if we tell you that Cavallino Treporti is also the ideal place for cyclo-tourism lovers?
There are a lot of routes on two wheels you can ride by your own or taking part to the excursions organized by “Parco Turistico of Cavallino Treporti” and as follows some of the most loved and charming itineraries!

The Three Water Route

Why this particular name? You have to know that in Cavallino Treporti there is not only the Adriatic salted water, but also that fresh water of Sile river. Along this journey you will touch the Nord lagoon water, the Adriatic Sea and the Sile mouth.
A ring-shaped itinerary away from the traffic which, leaving from Santa Maria Elisabetta square, connects the lagoon to Sile river. The path is slightly less than 14 km and it is suitable for everybody since there are no difficulties. You will see the Cavallino hollows, which settled the water river flow, admire the “bilance” (scales fishing) on the Sile river,  the stilt houses used for fishing, and the Piave Vecchia Lighthouse.

The Lagoon Orchards Route

Between gardens and orchards, but without straying too far from the beach, with its 25,50 Km this is one of the longest routes proposed by Cavallino Treporti cyclo-tourism.
This “on two wheel journey” starts on the Canale Pordelio bridge to proceed through the whole Cavallino Treporti downtown. The routes goes on then inside the lagoon with the magic Burano and San Francesco islands in the background. During this ride you will completely dip in the nature, enjoying the bird watching and discovering the unspoilt side and frozen in the time of our land.

The Forts Route

If together with the bicycle  you are also a history lover, for sure you will appreciate the Forts route! 15,5 km on asphalted ground which will lead you to discover more than 200 forts built between 1845 and 1920, from Austrian domination to the 2 great wars time.
You will have also the possibility to get off the bike and visit the buildings open to the public, like Vettor Pisani Batteria, which hosts a museum, or those that can be visited from the outside, like the Batteria Amalfi and the Treporti Fort.
Our place has so many stories to tell, if you really want to listen to stones and finds whispering.

The Sunset Route 

You may have already guessed which is the best time to grant yourself this journey riding your bike!
12,9 km for this ring-shaped itinerary which will bring you to admire Sant’Erasmo island, “the Venice orchard”, the Mose, the Punta Sabbioni pinewood and the Lighthouse Pagoda on the beach.
The magic of this journey cannot be described in words and it would be limiting…the only way to understand its beauty is…riding on it!

The new cycle path Cavallino-Treporti - Jesolo

In May 2020 a new stretch of the cycle path on Sile river bridge has been inaugurated: thanks to this it is possible to move in full safety between Jesolo and Cavallino.
The new stretch of cycle path connects Anna Frank Street in Jesolo with Baracca Street in Cavallino Treporti and it is completely separated from the main traffic way.
You can cross it by byke or walking, and enjoy a new glimpse on the magic lagoon and river landscape gift by Sile river.


Can’t you wait to explore our beautiful town and the surrounding areas by bicycle?


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