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Controleerbeschikbaarheid en boek
26 May 2020

Useful tips for your summer in Camping Village Garden Paradiso

How will your holiday be together with us? Without worries!

Safety has always been one Camping Village Garden Paradisocornerstones, because during the days you will spend here you will have just to worry about relaxing and having fun!
As we foretold, we have taken some measures to guarantee an open-air stay, close to nature and without worries. 

The five ingredients for a holiday in Camping Village Garden Paradiso

Five easy tips that we ask you to respect to allow also other guests to enjoy a peaceful and a pleasant holiday:

  1. Wear the mask every time you get out of your accommodation or pitch
  2. Keep the one meter safety distance whenever you are with other “no-living together” guests
  3. Wash your hands often with soap and use the sanitizer gel that you will find at your disposal in different areas of the Camping Village Garden Paradiso
  4. Stay in your accommodation in case of flu symptoms (temperature over 37,5°, cold or cough) and get in touch with Camping Village Garden Paradiso doctor as well as with the reception. We beg you also to contact your health care practitioner or to call the 1500
  5. Respect yourself and other people following any other indications

Other good practices that we suggest to follow during your stay are to respect the max number of people allowed in the spaces, not to hold you back inside closed areas (for instance: supermarket) longer the time needed to enjoy the provided service and to watch over the children. 

Our effort does not change!

The services that we guarantee are not changed, we have just increased the frequency of some sanitization and cleaning activities and our staff is qualified and equipped to meet all requirements.

What are we going to do to make your holiday safer?

  • We are going to arrange a properly system of signs on the ground and information into several languages
  • We are going to guarantee a wide range of hygiene systems in several places of the camping
  • We are going to guarantee a frequent cleaning and the sanitization of the areas and the equipments
  • We will provide to sanitize your deckchairs and sunbeds after your every daily use
  • We are going to promote the e-payment
  • We are going to set-up physical barriers at the counters and to prefer telephone communication with Camping Village Garden Paradiso
  • We are going to verify the bathing suitability constantly analyzing the compounds levels in the swimming-pools
  • We are going to guarantee a proper natural aeration of the spaces
  • We are going to watch over rules respect

ANWB - Olandese


Thanks to the actions taken to guarantee your safety in Camping Village Garden Paradiso, we got the certification ANWB “Special Coronavirus measures”.




We invite you to prefer digital supports and online check-in and check-out to simplify incoming and outgoing operations from Camping Village Garden Paradiso.

Besides, we promise you to inform you regularly about the next actions and services that we are going to set up for this summer 2020, just to make it worth and awesome,  like we always do. 

If you need more information do not hesitate to write us to  o call us dialing +39041968075.


Spend your holiday 2020 in Camping Village Garden Paradiso


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