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Controleerbeschikbaarheid en boek
01 December 2021

A green holiday that continues at home!

The theme of environmental respect is a priority for all of us and must be so in every aspect of our lives: at work, at home and also on holiday!

If you spent last summer at Camping Village Garden Paradiso, you will certainly have seen one of the initiatives we have taken to protect Mother Nature and the sea: the automatic water dispenser!

We hope you enjoyed this novelty and above all benefited from it! Looking at the numbers we can assume that you did!

Altogether in summer 2021, thanks to the water dispenser, we’ve achieved the following:

  • We’ve avoided the use of 50,663 1-litre plastic bottles.
  • We’ve freed the environment from 1,351 kilograms of plastic.

These figures make us look forward to the next season with optimism and give us the drive to do even more and continue on our way to becoming an increasingly sustainable facility in Italy.

There is a long way to go and becoming an environmentally sustainable campsite is a commitment that requires awareness and perseverance. In addition to the water dispenser, we and our entire team take many other measures to avoid waste and protect nature: we constantly protect and maintain the green areas, we only use electrically powered vehicles to travel around the campsite, we follow certain cleaning procedures that allow us to reuse plastic containers over and over again, and much more. But we know that we can do more!

And you can help us, whether you are on holiday or back home!

Respecting the environment is easy... if you know how!

We thought we'd share with you a small list of tips that you can follow on holiday and at home: one step at a time, together we can (and must) make a difference!

How to have a green holiday.

Of course, relaxation is the order of the day on holiday! But you'll find that these simple tips won't take a second away from your fun or rest:

  • Use the Camping Village Garden Paradiso water dispenser.
  • Follow the instructions given for sorting your rubbish (we provide you with rubbish bags!).
  • To move around the village, have a nice walk and if you want to visit Cavallino Treporti, use the bikes you can find at the bike rental next to the tennis fields.
  • When showering, don't leave the hot water on all the time, at least when the temperature is right.
  • Don't leave your rubbish lying around, there are recycling points throughout the campsite, use them!
  • Cigarette butts should be disposed of in dedicated containers, after putting them out, not 'buried'.

Let's start with these simple points and you'll see that once you get the hang of it you'll want to do more and more! And when you get home? We've thought of that too, so read on!

How to be eco friendly even after your holiday is over?

You've started to make a difference to the environment during your stay, you don't want to undo it when you get home, do you? Then here's what you can do:

  • Continue with separate recycling, collection, read the labels on the various packages of the products you use, it always says how to dispose of them properly
  • Choose products made from recycled materials
  • Learn to reuse as much as possible, from food and detergent packaging, for example, to clothes, which you can donate to various associations. This way you help the environment and other families too!
  • Do you really need to keep all the lights on in your house? If you are not in a room, turn off the light and always prefer natural light during the day (when the sun is shining, it is also good for your mood).
  • Set the thermostat to a temperature of around 20°C, if you are cold, dress up more, it doesn't need to be summer in the house all the time (you can spend the summer with us anyway!).
  • Do you need to run errands close to home? Don't use the car all the time, unless you have to carry something too heavy or it's pouring down with rain, take a nice walk!
  • When showering, brushing your teeth or washing your face, turn off the water if you are not using it (you will see the difference in your bills).

We hope you will put these few simple tips into practice immediately, as we do! At Camping Village Garden Paradiso we are all part of a big family, we care about the well-being and happiness of everyone, but if we don't start doing (not just saying) we may soon lose the opportunity to be together, enjoy the sea and have fun!

Let's make a difference together!

If you don't want to miss out on all the news and green initiatives we have planned for the next season, sign up to our newsletter using the form at the bottom of the page!

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