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Camp Regulations

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The Management of Camping Garden Paradiso expects from all its guests to clearly observe the following rules so as to ensure them a quiet and comfortable stay. These rules replace and invalidate all previous regulations.

  1. Before gaining access or staying at the campgrounds, each person must be registered. Upon arrival, each guest including children are requested to kindly produce a document of identification, check the exactness of the registration and point out any discrepancy or variation promptly. Each guest will be issued a camping-pass and a bracelet” to be show upon request to the security personnel and both to be returned upon departure. Minimum stay is three days at high season. No pets allowed.
  2. Visits by friends and/or relatives are to be agreed upon with the Management. Visitors admitted into the grounds are requested to leave a document of identification at the entrance. In case of stay longer than 60 minutes visitors will be charged, regardless of their age, a fee according to price list. No visitors will be admitted on Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays. Visits are suspended also during the hours of silence.
  3. The pitches in the “free” zone can be chosen by the guest according to availability and approval by Reception. Only one mobile home, tent or caravan per pitch is allowed. Every group must park their own vehicles in their own pitch. Extra equipment may be placed on the pitch if there is still enough place for the car. Should Guests decide to move to another site, the Management must be given prior notice.
  4. The count of camping days is based on the number of nights which the guest spends inside the camp. Check-outs must take place no later than 11 am, in excess of which the full day rate will be charged. The settlement of the bill should be preferably paid two days before departure. From April 1 to September 30 each guest is required to pay a city tax per person per night, including children, according to Italian law D.C.C. nr. 15 of 19.03.12
  5. Your deposit payment will be retained, should the guest give up his booking without a minimum forewarning of 45 days. Delay up to 24 hrs in arriving is admissible. In case of departure before the date agreed, guests will be charged the full booked period.
  6. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or an adult who can vouch for them with the Management.
  7. Guests may use motor vehicles only to enter and leave the campgrounds during unrestricted hours, and in no case to move within the campgrounds. Maximum speed allowed: 10 km/h.
  8. From 11 pm to 7:30 am and from 1 pm to 3 pm, the utmost silence is to be observed. In particular, the Management does not allow:
    • entry and exit of all motor vehicles and inside circulation, bicycles included;
    • use of sport and recreational facilities..
    Guests are kindly requested to avoid making noise and using loud equipment that might annoy other guests and to adjust the volume of radios and televisions.
  9. Before using of swimming pool please observe the following rules:
    • please comply with the timetable;
    • take a shower and walk through the basin for feet disinfection;
    • jumping into the water forbidden;
    • eating and drinking not allowed;
    • running around the swimming pools is not allowed;
    • walking without slippers/mules is not allowed;
    • diving is not allowed.
    The management reserves the right to close the swimming pools due to hygienic reasons and/or extraordinary repairs, in order to ensure the maximum quality of our services and in respect of the current legislation, without this causing the right to any compensation.
  10. The beach has life guard attendance in the hours provided for by the law. Windsurf boards and boats and craft in general can be used only in the sign-posted area. It is forbidden to enter the water when the red flag is displayed and between 7 pm to 9.30 am. It is forbidden to walk on the back anchors and to walk up the crags (the limit is marked by red and white poles). Diving, underwater fishing and angling are not allowed within 500 meters from the seashore.
  11. Even while guaranteeing continuous security surveillance of the campgrounds, the Management cannot be held responsible for the loss of valuables or personal belongings. Insured safes are at your disposal at the Information Office. There you can deposit money, valuables, documents etc.
  12. Any message to our guests will be delivered directly at the guest’s location (unit or pitch). In order to ensure our guests’ safety in case of emergency, we kindly ask each guest to provide a mobile number when checking in. Communications and messages addressed to our guests are available at the information office. Guests must collect their mail at the aforementioned office. Unclaimed correspondence will be returned to sender after 5 days.
  13. Electric outlets within the campsite are set at 220watts 50 Hz. The use of appliances with a higher wattage, such as stoves, heating rings, and air conditioners, will damage the automatic switch. It is forbidden to connect any equipment against regulations and/or damaged and/or with a higher capacity. Guests are kindly requested to notify the Management about any problem that might arise using the electrical system.
    It is forbidden:
    • to stretch electric cables longer than 30 meters,
    • to cross streets with electric cables,
    • to place electric cables on vegetation.
    If the guest do not comply to these rules, the camping staff are authorized to immediately unplug any cable and/or equipment without previous notice. The same authority is given in case of electrical connections that do not comply to the regulations in force.
  14. Open-air grills and barbecues are allowed only when not constituting a danger or a nuisance to other guests, and weather conditions permitting. Naked flames are strictly forbidden, both within the campsite and on the beach. Moreover, it is forbidden to hold any kind of fuel or flammable substance, with the only exception of a gas cylinder for camping purpose (gas mixture for camping that comply with all the regulations in force) max. 5 kg. It is extremely dangerous to use gas cylinders for domestic use Smoking, using candles and naked flames or cooking inside the tent are not allowed. It is forbidden to suspend between the trees any kind of cords, metal threads, hammocks and/or to install anything that may be dangerous or may cause harm to vehicles and/or people within the campsite.
  15. Our campsite is situated in a natural park within the Venetian lagoon and we are committed to the protection of the natural environment. Therefore mosquito’s are controlled by making the least impact to the wildlife e.g. swallows and bats as they are predators of mosquito’s. We regularly exterminate the grubs, but for particular cases such as tiger mosquito’s, we carry out specific localized treatment. Please request this, if required, at the Information Office.
  16. CAR WASH: Washing cars and any other vehicle is only permitted from 7 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 8 pm in the appropriate pitch in the external parking lot. Only products and detergents that comply with all the regulations in force are permitted. We recommend using chemicals in moderation. It is strictly forbidden to wash vehicles or equipment using chemicals in any other area.
  17. It is forbidden to smoke indoors (in offices, toilets, bar, restaurant...) Guests are also kindly requested not to smoke near children and visibly pregnant women, even if outdoors, both within the campsite and on the beach (avenues, fitness areas, playgrounds, public areas, beach etc).
    • In the case of an emergency (fire, illness, accident, etc) immediately alert the camping staff within the vicinity. The camping staff will contact the main office and/or the Management, who will activate the procedures defined by the campsite.
    • The Reception is responsible for calling external aid. It is possible to make contact directly or by phone 0039 041 968075.
    • In case of evacuation or removal from certain zones/areas guests are kindly asked to follow the instructions given by the staff in charge. If necessary guests will be led to the gathering place (see camping map).
  19. Our campsite as well as businesses, guests and families must recycle. Guests are required to sort waste out according to the guidelines given at check-in, and information on the bins at the recycling areas. The Information Office will be pleased to help if any problem arise. Guests are requested to a responsible use of water, avoiding waste, and to wash dishes in the appropriate areas. Do not pour salted or waste water, dishwater, oil etc. on the ground and/or in streets’ manholes. In case of any leakage, please immediately inform the camping staff or the Information Office.
  20. The regulations hereof are distributed at the check-in desk upon admittance, and are furthermore displayed at the entrance and inside the campgrounds. Admission therefore entails acceptance of the rules here of by the guests.
  21. The Management reserves the right to change or modify the above regulations, should the necessity arise.
The Management reserves the right to refuse admission and to withhold property in the event of non-payment.
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