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What to do in Cavallino Treporti

Cavallino Treporti is a coastline village in the Venetian lagoon neighbouring Jesolo, which stretches until Punta Sabbioni areas and Lio Piccolo sandbanks.

From Garden Paradiso you can pleasantly reach Cavallino and Treporti by bike.

The lagoon

Cavallino Treporti coastline is characterized by a lagoon environment, in which Garden Paradiso is dipped, and it is rich in saline vegetation, like “salicornia” (excellent for cooking!) and sea rocket, also known as sea arugula, which is both edible and also ingredient for beauty creams.
Another typical plant is limonium, which blooms at the end of the summer coloring our Camping with violet and purple shades and spreading its gentle scent everywhere.
A lot of bird species made the lagoon as their habitat, like herons, knights of Italy with its orange slender legs, ducks and cormorants, since a few years it is also possible to marvel at pink flamingos, which look in the water in elegant poses like being looking in the mirror.

Attractions to see in Cavallino Treporti

In the central heart of Cavallino Treporti village, you can visit the Main Building and Santa Maria Elisabetta Church, both built between 17th and 18th centuries. If you take a walk on Tuesday morning in Cavallino or on Thursday in Treporti, you will find in their main squares the colorful typical market , where to buy fresh seasonal 0 km products, like jujube or “sparasea” (green asparagus), “castraure” (artichokes), or nectarines as well as many accessories and clothes stands.

Passing by Treporti, and only after a visit to S.S. Trinità Church, which dates back to the end of ‘600, you will reach Saccagnana. The name comes from “Sacca” and “Magna”, which means “big dry”, here you can catch a boat to get to Burano, Murano, Torcello and Venice. In Saccagnana you can stop in the little rural courtyard of Prà, inside which some low farmhouses appear and, proceeding forward, you will see the pinkish profile of Villa Zanella, crowned by a three-mullioned window.

After Saccagnana, take the road running alongside the banks and you will realize that it becomes thinner deeping into the lagoon. Walking on this stretch, which separates the salt water from the fresh ones, you will reach a junction: on one side is the sign to Lio Piccolo and on the other side the one for Mesole. If you choose to go to Lio Piccolo, you will arrive on its renaissance village, where in the main square it is possible to admire the outside of 18th century Boldù Palace and a little 17th century chapel: from the churchyard the lagoon landscape hatches in an amazing view.

Let’s go back to the junction: if you choose Mesole, you will get instead in an ancient district where stands the Monastery with round chimneys, also known as Casa Rui.
It seems that once the area belonged to a sisters community who grew the farms. This hypothesis is confirmed by the presence, just beside, of the small Santa Maria del Carmine Oratory.

As during the sisters time, also nowadays gardens and orchards dominate the landscape in our lagoon area.




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