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Treporti – Saccagnana – Lio Piccolo – Mesole


Treporti – Saccagnana – Lio Piccolo – Mesole 

Passing by Treporti, in its center you can find the beautiful Church of the Holy Trinity and square, where every Thursday the village market takes place, you can reach Saccagnana. You will find a small rural yard, "il Prà", surrounded by low farmhouses, the elegant rustic villa "Zanella" and an ancient tiny church.


After this picturesque farmyard, the narrow street in the middle of the lagoon will take you to the Renaissance village of Lio Piccolo, In the town square, it is possible to admire a beautiful country house from the eighteenth century, and the little church with its typical bell tower, consecrated to the Virgin Mary of the Snow. Here, the exquisite “castraure” (a type of artichokes) are farmed.

For a few years the pink flamingos too have made their home here and it's not unsual to see these beautiful birds striking elegant poses in the mirrored water of the lagoon.

Vegetable gardens and orchards are a typical feature of the lagoon village of Mesole. It’s more recognizable building, the Cloister of the Mesole, dates back to the 14th century and seems to be referring to a monastery erected in 1380.

The lagoon landscape characterizing the littoral of Cavallino Treporti is a natural paradise, where the luxuriant typical vegetation grows. You can find saltwort, sea rocket and limonium which in late summer blooms coloring the lagoon of purple - lilac shades. The silence of this natural oasis is only interrupted by the birds call who use to live here: herons, egrets, stilts, seagulls, sterns, ducks and cormorants.

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