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Fishing in Cavallino Treporti and Jesolo

Where to fish in Cavallino Treporti and Jesolo?

Cavallino Treporti and Jesolo fishing valleys are ideal places for amateur and sport fishing.
They are situated in the hinterland, not far from Garden Paradiso, nearby the sandbanks stretch, plots of rised lands which are parts of the wide complex of Venice Lagoon, more than 550 km². Each season gives a different seafood type and there is a time better than other both during the day and in the night. If you get out in the early morning or come back in the late night, Garden Paradiso is the ideal landmark during your stay: in a pitch with your tent, in your caravan or in one of our mobile home, to have a rest while packing away your tools.

The fishing biodiversity in Cavallino Treporti and Jesolo area.

Sandbanks form the valley’s ecosystems, gentle and ancient, where during centuries a rich fish flow has developed.
The most common species in this area are: eel, sea bass, bream and mullet. Some species are checked and bred, according to a method called “lagoon fishing breeding”; other types are still wild, free to go back to the sea during the cold months and to get back in the valleys when it is hot (this phenomenon is known by fishermen as “fish assembly”).
These specimens are protected thanks to an ancient care and respect tradition carried on by the “Capovalle”, – chief of the valley – place lovers inhabitants who rule the spread, protecting the fishes from their predators, like lagoon birds, or removing rubbles collected into the internal channel depth to allow the free fishes movement inside sandbanks.
In Garden Paradiso fresh fish comes daily: it is brought by Ennio, our trusted fisherman, who offers seafood coming from sustainable breeding and caught by artisanal fish methods where environmental footprint is as low as possible.

The fishing license is compulsory in the Venetian Region.

Venetian Region established the license duty to fish on inland waterw of its area. Italian citizens have to ask for it to their own province of residence paying a fee as per Law; for under 18 and over 70 living in the Venetian Region it is instead free of charge.
Foreigner costumers have to pay a small license fee of € 13,00 to get a special fishing “typ D” license, which allows to practice the amateur sport fishing for three months.

For more info visit the Venetian Region web-site https://www.regione.veneto.it.



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