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Treporti – Saccagnana – Lio Piccolo – Mesole

From Treporti to Saccagnana

Are you dreaming of a fascinating excursion around the Camping Village Garden Paradiso that combines history and nature? Well, the tour starting from Treporti and passing through Saccagnana, Lio Piccolo and Mesole is just for you!

The route starts from Treporti, at the centre of which stands the Church of the Holy Trinity dating back to late seventeenth century and the square which comes alive every Thursday with the stalls of the weekly market. A traditional event not to be missed!

Passing through Treporti you reach Saccagnana, whose name derives from 'Sacca' and 'Magna', meaning 'big shoal'. Here you will find yourself in the small rural Prà courtyard, overlooked by low farmhouses, the elegant rustic Villa Zanella and a tiny old church. The characteristic atmosphere of these architectures will win you over!

Lio Piccolo and Mesole

Once you have appreciated the beauty of Saccagnana, pass the picturesque farmyard and take the narrow road that winds through the middle of the lagoon. As you walk along this strip that separates brackish and fresh water, you will come to a fork: on one side is the sign for Lio Piccolo and on the other the sign for Mesole.

Continue to the Renaissance village of Lio Piccolo. In the square you can admire an eighteenth-century manor house, the historic Palazzo Boldù, and a seventeenth-century church from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the lagoon. This is the place where castraure (typical local artichokes) are cultivated.

In recent years, pink flamingos have also made an appearance and, with a bit of luck, you will see these beautiful birds grouped in elegant poses in the lagoon's water mirrors.

Then return to the crossroads and take the road to Mesole, the ancient hamlet that forms the last stage of this tour. Gardens and orchards characterise the settlements that have been created over time in these lagoon areas. The most characteristic building, the Convent of the Mesole, dates back to the 14th century and seems to refer to a women's monastery built in 1380.

The lagoon environment that characterises the Cavallino Treporti coastline is a true natural paradise where the typical vegetationof sage-grouse, sea rocket and limonium grows luxuriantly, flowering in late summer and colouring the lagoon with a striking violet-lilac hue. The magical silence that reigns in this natural oasis is interrupted only by the singing of the birds that have made the lagoon their habitat: herons, egrets, black-winged stilts, gulls, terns, ducks and cormorants.

Set off to explore Treporti, Saccagnana, Lio Piccolo and Mesole... a refreshing dip in the pool awaits you on your return!

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