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Fishing in Cavallino Treporti and Jesolo

Where to fish in Cavallino Treporti and Jesolo?

If you are passionate about amateur and sport fishing, the fishing valleys of Cavallino Treporti and Jesolo are the perfect places for you! They are located inland, not far from Garden Paradiso, where the expanse of the barene, portions of emerged land that are part of the vast complex of the Venice Lagoon, covering over 550 km², opens up.

Each season offers a different catch and there are better times to fish during the day or night. Whether you go out early in the morning or return late at night, you can base yourself at Garden Paradiso: on a pitch with your tent, in a camper van or inside a mobile home, to come back to rest and put away your gear after a fruitful outing!

Fish biodiversity in the Cavallino Treporti and Jesolo area

The salt marshes form the delicate and ancient ecosystems of the valleys, where a rich flow of fish has developed over the centuries. The most common species found in this area are eels, bass, bream, sea bass and mullet. Some species are controlled and bred, according to a methodology called "valliculture"; others are still wild, free to return to the sea in the colder months and to return to the valleys when the heat arrives (this phenomenon is known by fishermen as "montata ittica").

These specimens are protected by an ancient tradition of care and respect carried on by the capovalle, passionate residents of the area who regulate their development, protecting the fish from their predators, such as lagoon birds, or removing the debris that accumulates on the bottom of the inner channels to allow the free movement of fish within the sandbanks.

At Garden Paradiso the fish arrives fresh daily: it is brought by Ennio, our trusted fisherman, brings it in, offering a catch that comes from sustainable farms and is caught using artisanal fishing methods where the environmental footprint is as low as possible.

Fishing in Veneto with the appropriate licence

The Veneto Region has established a licence requirement for fishing in the free inland waters of its territory. Italian citizens must request it from their Province of Residence by paying a contribution provided for by law; for those under 18 and over 70 residing in Veneto it is free of charge.

Foreign guests must pay a small concession fee of €13 to obtain a type D fishing license authorising amateur-sport fishing for three months.

For more information see the Veneto Region website:

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