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What to bring on a camping trip? Here's everything you need!

Cosa portare in campeggio

Leaving for a holiday is always a hectic time that requires a lot of organisation, especially when spending the holiday in a tent or camper! In between the thousands of preparations to think about, it can happen that you forget something important at home. 

That is why, when setting off on a camping holiday, it is essential to plan all the necessary equipment in advance. Obviously the equipment will differ depending on the length of the trip, the time of year and the type of accommodation chosen. 

So here is a list of all the essentials to take with you to the Camping Village Garden Paradiso, for a carefree and comfortable stay!

What to bring when camping in a tent?

Tent holidays are certainly among the most exciting adventures. To avoid unpleasant mishaps that could ruin your experience, make sure you bring everything you need with you! 

Sleeping equipment 

First of all, make sure you have a tent big enough to accommodate one or more people, depending on your needs. You can find plenty of models on the market and some of them, such as the cabin tent, offer plenty of space inside. Remember to check that nothing is missing from the set-up kit and bring your sleeping bag, sleeping mats and pillows to sleep comfortably! 

Cooking equipment 

Another important organisational aspect is the equipment for preparing meals. An unmissable item is the gas cooker, as well as the necessary cutlery and pots and pans. You can then wash the dishes in the spacious sinks with dish drains in the Garden Paradiso facilities.

What to bring when camping in a camper van or bungalow?

If you stay in a camper or bungalow your stay will certainly be more comfortable as these already have all the equipment you need for sleeping and cooking. 

Whatever your choice of accommodation, here is a check-list of things that cannot be missing from your camping kit!

  • First aid kit (in the Camping Village you will also have access to a medical assistance service for a fee) 
  • Personal hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo)
  • Laundry and dishwashing products 
  • Waste bags 
  • Power bank
  • Bicycles and rucksacks for excursions
  • Mosquito spray 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Electric lamps or torches
  • Multi-purpose tools such as folding knives and can openers 
  • Folding tables and chairs 
  • Tarpaulins to cover or insulate your tent or camper van

In tents and motorhomes every inch of space is precious! That's why we suggest you make a list of all the most important things to bring. That way you can be sure that you only have with you what you really need. 

And if you forget something at home? No problem: our supermarket and bazaar will come to your rescue with an extensive offer! 

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