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Why go on a spring holiday?

Summer is traditionally the period when everyone seems to want to escape to sunny destinations, dreaming of golden beaches and crystal-clear sea.

But why wait for the high season at all costs if you can enjoy a heavenly escape earlier than expected?

Imagine relaxing on an almost desert beach, where your only task of the day is to decide whether to read the next chapter of your book or take a long walk along the shoreline.

This is not a pipe dream, but a real possibility if you choose to go on your spring holiday to Garden Paradiso, taking advantage of the many national holidays. These festivities are the perfect opportunity to disconnect, relax and recharge your batteries in view of the warmer months.

So what are you waiting for? Get out your diary and mark your next holiday!

The ideal spring holiday dates for Ireland and the UK

For Irish and British travellers, spring offers a calendar full of festivities that provide the perfect opportunity to anticipate the long-awaited summer holidays.

In Ireland, for example, the first Monday in May (May Day) is a national holiday: this is the ideal time to enjoy a refreshing break, perhaps matching your holiday with a getaway.

But that’s not all: the first Monday in June (June Bank Holiday) is also a national holiday. This period is particularly popular for planning long weekends, enjoying the pleasantly mild weather of late spring.

In the UK, these holidays are also complemented by the half-term school holidays, a popular time for the British to travel and visit new places.

All these holidays can be turned into mini-vacations, allowing you to make the most of your time. By using bank holidays wisely, in fact, you can organise longer stays without running out your holiday account.

In this way you can optimise your rest time and enjoy the beauty of our Camping Village during quieter times, tasting the peace and the serenity that only this season can offer!

The advantages of going on holiday during the low season to Garden Paradiso

Organising a vacation during spring holidays in Garden Paradiso offers a lot of advantages. First of all, the cost: travelling out of season means often being able to take advantage of cheaper rates, both for accommodation and transport.

Moreover, beaches are less crowded, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxing experience. Taking off early means allowing yourself the luxury of enjoying every moment slowly, savouring the spring breeze, which blows gently and that refreshes the air. The days are getting longer, nature is awakening in an explosion of colours and scents. The mild spring climate is also ideal for those seeking to escape the oppressive summer heat, offering pleasant temperatures that invite you to stay outdoors and to relax.

In Garden Paradiso, every detail is designed to turn this moment into a unique experience: from the tranquillity of the beaches, to the comfort of our facilities, to the quality of the services.

In this oasis of peace, every day is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories: whether it's with a bike ride in the lush nature surrounding the campsite, a day in the spa, or simply enjoying sun and sea.

In Garden Paradiso, summer starts when you decide: don't wait, leave before and let yourself be surprised by the wonders of an early holiday!

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