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The beach at Camping Village Garden Paradiso is Blue Flag certified!

What does it mean to obtain Blue Flag status?

The Blue Flag certifies the high quality of a beach (at the seaside, by a lake, in the mountains) in terms of environmental safety, services and suitability for bathing. 
This year, the beach at Camping Village Garden Paradiso, with its 400 metres of golden sand, has achieved this important milestone and we want to share it with you! But how is the Blue Flag awarded, who assigns it and what are the certification criteria?

The history of the Blue Flag

On the occasion of the European Year of the Environment in 1987, the Foundation for Environmental Education decided to establish an official quality certification for beaches in 49 countries worldwide. 
The FEE is a non-governmental organisation that promotes education to protect the environment and every year, in collaboration with two UN agencies, decides which beaches will obtain the Blue Flag.
This recognition is not permanent: it must be renewed each year through the efforts of beach users, not just those who take care of keeping it clean and welcoming.
Getting the Blue Flag is all about teamwork – and you can also do your bit when you spend your holiday at Camping Village Garden Paradiso!

How is Blue Flag status obtained?

As for other types of awards (like the TripAdvisor Quality Certification), there are also strict criteria for receiving the Blue Flag. Let's have a look at them.

Environmental education and training

Regional authorities and seaside/lakeside resorts have to display information on the Blue Flag Programme and the water quality, highlight places of local, natural and cultural interest, and put up a map of the beach showing the services offered.
Another fundamental task for Blue Flag tourist areas is to promote suitable environmental education for people using the beach services, in part by displaying a code of conduct to follow.

Water quality

Did you know that there are beautiful beaches around the world that nevertheless cannot display the Blue Flag? This happens because the water quality or services offered do not comply with the conditions established by the FEE.
Every year, water samples have to be regularly collected and analysed and the beach must respect certain water quality values at the microbiological and physico-chemical level.
There must be no discharge (industrial or civil) in the bathing areas or immediately adjacent zones.

Environmental management

When we talk about the beach, we are not only referring to sand, stones and water but to the whole ecosystem and the services offered. Conservation must be guaranteed on the beach, along with the protection of biodiversity. It must always be kept clean but with respect for the plants and animals that live there, not just us when we swim or sunbathe.
To be assigned the Blue Flag, a beach must be equipped with an adequate number of functioning toilets, changing rooms and bins for separate waste collection. Pets are allowed, but their owners must use common sense to supervise and control them!
Finally, motor vehicles cannot be driven on a Blue Flag beach, and the use of sustainable transport must be promoted in the immediately adjacent areas.

Services and safety

A Blue Flag beach must also be safe for those who use it, and therefore have:

  • a safety and rescue service with an adequate number of trained staff 
  • first aid equipment 
  • different areas organised according to uses and people 
  • a source of drinking water 

Now that you know the full extent of the commitment we make every year, not only to services for your holiday but also to the environment around us, please help us protect the beauty of our sea: it only takes a little effort if we all work together!

Enjoy your holiday on the Blue Flag beach at Camping Village Garden Paradiso

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