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Sustainable tourism: what it is and how to practice it

Turismo sostenibile cos’è e come praticarlo

Sustainable tourism is a new responsible travel practice that respects the environment. In Italy and the Veneto region, more and more travellers are becoming aware of their social, economic and environmental impact and have therefore decided to adopt sustainable strategies to visit the world with as low an ecological footprint as possible. 

In stark contrast to over tourism, i.e. mass tourism, sustainable tourism prefers holidays in close contact with nature, in open spaces surrounded by greenery, such as campsites. 

Choosing to be a green tourist does not only mean choosing an eco-friendly destination, it also means planning one's holiday with travel and behaviour in mind once one has arrived at one's destination.

10 ways to be a green tourist

Nel Camping Village Garden Paradiso ci impegniamo ogni giorno nel rispetto dell’ambiente con l’adozione di diverse iniziative sostenibili, tra cui la tutela delle aree verdi e l’uso di mezzi alimentati ad energia elettrica

Il nostro migliore alleato nella salvaguardia dell’ambiente sei tu! Ecco come puoi darci una mano a rispettare la natura. 

1. Travel during the low season 

Have you ever thought of going on holiday in June? Going on holiday in the low season allows you to avoid overcrowding, thus reducing mass tourism.

2. Choose green means of transport or drive ecologically

Reach your destination with as little environmental impact as possible! How? Choose a destination near you using public transport such as train or bus. 

If you prefer to arrive by car or camper van, adopt an environmentally friendly driving style. To save fuel, maintain a constant speed, switch off the engine during stops and lighten your car by taking only the bare essentials with you.

3. Get around by bike

Following green practices is not only good for the environment but also for your health! After your arrival at the campsite, get around in an environmentally friendly way. For example, how about trying one of the many cycling routes and exploring the surroundings of the Camping Village? You can hire bicycles directly at the campsite!

4. Leave no trace of your passage

Remember to separate waste correctly and to dispose of black and grey water only in the designated places for a cleaner beach and campsite.

5. Eat zero-km products 

An ecological lifestyle is also seen at the table! Choose local food, such as that found in our supermarket or restaurants, to minimise CO2 emissions.

6. Consume less plastic

Turismo sostenibile cos’è e come praticarlo - consumare meno plastica - refill borracce

Avoid using disposable products, such as cutlery or plastic bottles. Alternatively, pack your own water bottle, or buy it directly from the information office, and fill it up at our dispenser. With this measure, we avoided the use of 50,663 1-litre plastic bottles in 2021!

7. Avoid wasting precious resources 

Another way not to pollute is to limit the waste of electricity and water, especially if you are travelling by camper van. What can you do to save these precious resources?

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth 
  • Don't keep the water running when showering
  • Use a photovoltaic panel
  • Replace light bulbs with LED bulbs.

8. Use biodegradable products

For your personal hygiene and the cleaning of your dishes and clothes, prefer biodegradable products that do not harm the environment.

9. Respect animals

At Camping Village Garden Paradiso you can observe various native animals such as squirrels, plovers, but also crabs and small fish. Always respect the local fauna, as well as the plants in the area.

10. Support local culture 

As we have seen, sustainable tourism is also social and economic awareness. Respect traditions and support local handicrafts, taking home a souvenir of your holiday! 

Beware though: once your holiday is over, there are plenty of ways you can continue to protect the environment. Have a look at some tips in our article: "A green holiday that continues at home!"

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