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Five reasons to spend your summer in Camping Village Garden Paradiso!

Find out why a stay at Camping Village Garden Paradiso is an experience you need to try (and why you will want to come back next year too)

To be lived to the fullest and carried in the heart, a holiday must be special from every point of view, and not only. At Camping Village Garden Paradiso everything is tailor-made for you and built exactly on what you want during your stay: the services, the activities, the accommodations and the days themselves.
A holiday with us involves all the senses, and now we explain why.

View: "hi mom, look how much I have fun!

Having fun is just as important as relaxing when you're on vacation! And when we see the children playing and dancing and the "older children" smiling, applauding and romping to the rhythm of music, we also have a lot of fun!
At Camping Village Garden Paradiso our entertainment team is always ready to amaze you with shows and activities for everyone. And if today you want to sunbathe or take a bath in the sea or in the swimmingpool ... we wait for you tomorrow to have fun with us!

Taste: discover the typical products of the area!

Even the belly deserves a beautiful holiday and our territory has, literally, a sea of typical products to make you discover: sea and lagoon fish, shellfish and seafood, vegetables and so on and so forth.
From breakfast until dinner we will know how to tempt you with many local and international specialties!

Touch: kissed by the sun, refreshed by the wateRù

Nature seeks contact with us in many ways: warming us with the sun's rays and caressing us with the waves and breezes that come from the sea.
At Camping Village Garden Paradiso you can enjoy long days on the beach bathed by the Adriatic or dive into our indoor and outdoor pools and water park with slides!
Keep in training with invigorating walks on the sand, long swims or takating part in our water aerobics sessions. And then? A little relaxation in the whirlpool area to be pampered by the water

Hearing: Can you hear the voice of the see?

One of the most relaxing sounds is precisely that of the waves crashing on the shoreline and at Camping Village Garden Paradiso the sea is always within earshot.
The Adriatic is our favorite composer and will accompany you with his arias for the duration of your entire holiday: during your walks in the countryside, for lunch or dinner in our seafront restaurant and before going to sleep.All accommodations are a few steps from the equipped beach, surrounded by the green pinewood, so in the evening you can fall asleep listening to the lullaby of the sea.

Nose: breathe the essence of nature

At Camping Village Garden Paradiso we are so lucky to have a very special collaborator in our team: Nature.
The scent of the salt and of the pine forest come together to give life to the fragrance of your holiday and they are also good for health and relaxation of body and mind.
The essence of the sea, for example, thanks to the mix of mineral salts, iodine and magnesium, counteracts the aging of the skin (but always use sunscreen!) and helps us to stimulate cell renewal.
Well, a stay at the Camping Village Garden Paradiso is also a cure-all for your beauty!

As you have understood by now, a holiday is made up of moments and sensations that you will always carry with you, even when your stay is over, and that you will remember during the cold winter days, waiting for the next holiday at Camping Village Garden Paradiso!

Live a summer to remember at Camping Village Garden Paradiso

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