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5 good reasons to take a beach holiday in June

Are you trying to decide where to go on a beach holiday with your family? You should also think about the best time of year to go! Early summer holidays in Italy are becoming more and more popular for their tranquillity.

In June, the sea waters are clean and clear, the mild climate is relaxing and healthy, and campsites such as Garden Paradiso offer some really good prices.

So, let's look at 5 reasons why you should take your beach holidays in June!

1. The weather is hot, but not too hot

The spring rainy season is now behind us and the desire to enjoy warm sunny days, that are not too hot, is stronger than ever. With the mild June temperatures, neither too hot nor too cold, you can enjoy outdoor activities to the fullest. For example, you can rent a bicycle and tour around the region without worrying about all the typical problems you would encounter in summer.

You can enjoy a game of miniature-golf,taking advantage of the cool, early summer evenings. There are lots of sporting activities you can try, and there is no better time to try them than when the weather is perfect.

2. Nature is at its most beautiful

In many parts of the world, June is the ideal time to admire the verdant natural landscape. For example, it is precisely at this time of year that the Limonium blooms in the Venetian Barenas (lagoon sandbanks). This is a herbaceous plant that gives the lagoon its characteristic violet colour.

In addition, June is the perfect month to try your hand at sea fishing and the temperature of the water make swimming and other water sports especially enjoyable.

3. Beaches and cities are quieter

Almost 70% of Italians chose to go on holidays in July and August. Going on holiday at the beginning of summer means one thing for sure: fewer crowds. Because this time of year is less hectic, your experience will be more authentic and you can become more absorbed in the culture and daily life of the places you visit.

For example, you can enjoy the beach in peace and at the restaurants you can enjoy the local cuisine in a more relaxed ambience. The same goes for the cities' cultural venues. You can explore the sights and museums without being harassed by crowds of tourists and the endless queues you would find in the high season.

4. There are lots of events to enjoy

Concerts, shows, village festivals, and beach parties: from the public holiday on the 2nd of June until the end of the month, there is an unmissable event to enjoy every day. There are so many events that our advice is to mark your favourites on the calendar so as not to miss any.

If you want to spend your holiday in Venice or any of the nearby seaside resorts, check out our article on must-see events in the city and find out what's waiting for you in June!

5. Prices are lower

The final advantage, but certainly not the least important; the prices at a lot of holiday centres and campsites, such as Garden Paradiso, are lower in June than in the busiest months.

Do you really need any more incentive? If you book in June, you will have a better chance of finding the accommodation you want! What are you waiting for?

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